Are you giving enough to your mastermind group?

Are you giving enough to your mastermind group?

Recently I was connecting with a colleague and she asked me to recall some bizarre stories about some of the mastermind groups I had facilitated or been involved in.  Honestly, the only thing that came to mind was the fact that people left their group too early or did not give their group the attention it deserved to blossom. One of the very first mentoring programs I enrolled in had a mastermind component.  I recall being part of a group of approximately ten individuals from around the world.  As the weeks went on attendance seemed to diminish.  Our facilitator held a conference call with several different groups in attendance and I will be forever grateful that I was on that call.  She addressed the fact that several groups were seeing a decline in attendance and when she canvassed the members who were leaving for feedback, there was a common response – they were not getting enough out of their group.

How much ARE you giving?

I can honestly say I have felt this same way in the past when it came to other organizations such as networking groups, however, during that call, the question was asked “How much are you giving to your group?”, and from that day forward, I have looked at myself and my experiences in a totally different way. Mary Kay Ash said it this way – “Remember that you can never obtain riches until you begin to enrich the lives of others. All you send into the lives of others comes back into your own.” Wallace D. Wattles, in his book The Science of Getting Rich said “ do not have to get something for nothing. You can give to every person more than you take from them.” Both of these quotes are very powerful, they confirm the power of giving.  Take a few moments to think about a group or organization that you are personally involved with or enrolled in.  Ask yourself the question “Am I giving enough to my group?”.

This week I will be conscious of what I am giving.

Are You expecting too much from others before you give? Why not make a conscious effort this week to give even more. Remember, what you send into the lives of others WILL come back into your own, and sometimes – tenfold! Be sure and leave me a comment, let me know how you stepped up your “giving” today.

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