Personal growth and success go hand in hand.  After all, if you look at any successful person, they will probably tell you these three things:

1. They are consistently learning and growing.

2. They have a mentor.

3. They are part of a mastermind group.

One of my favorite mentors, and someone I had the privilege of working along side of for two years, is Bob Proctor and he will tell you that the day you stop learning is the day you stop living. He will also tell you he has had a mentor for probably longer than some of you have been alive and that there is no greater power than the power of the mastermind. So why is it that so many people are looking to increase the results in their lives, yet unwilling to invest the time and money to grow themselves.  They wonder why they experience very little success or minimal growth in their business.  The main reason is probably staring back at them in the mirror.


Through my complimentary strategy session, I have personally spoken with entrepreneurs who like you have big dreams and goals, especially with a new year fast approaching, but they really have no idea now they are going to achieve them.  They have been trying to do it by themselves, trying to work a little harder, but let’s face it – working harder is not always the answer. In fact, it usually never is.  It is working smarter.  If the activities you have been focused on are not producing the results you are looking for, then there needs to be a change, and that change needs to be taken before you decide to double or triple your efforts. “Work smart not hard. If all you do is work hard making incremental improvements you are just like a hamster running in a wheel and never really getting anywhere… Far too many people think entrepreneurship is like an attendance award, where you can win just by showing up.”  Markus Frind mentor


Did you ever stop to think that being too close to a situation may be detrimental?  Speaking from experience, I know that when I needed to make significant changes in my business, and I was aware that the changes needed to be made, I was too close to the situation to be objective. I thought I knew which areas I needed to focus on but it took my business coach looking in with a new set of eyes and ears to see where changes needed to be made.  It wasn’t that I needed to work harder, in fact it was the opposite, I needed to slow down… I didn’t say “stop”.  I just had to come at things from a new perspective, and realign my priorities.  I’m just grateful that I had enough insight to invest in myself and hire a coach to work with me one on one to identify and make the changes.  Could I have figured it out on my own?  Certainly, but I can guarantee you, it would have taken me a lot more time, and I a lot more money to make the mistakes and learn by them, than to have someone help me identify them up front. The biggest message I want you to take away from this is that I could not do it on my own.  I can read great books, which I do, I can listen to great recordings, which I do, and I can attend great seminars, which I do, but when it comes to moving forward and truly creating the results that I desire, I needed help.  This help I get on an ongoing basis from my coach and from my mastermind group. I am never on my own when it comes to self-improvement.  Like I mentioned previously, it is something I will never stop, I will always have a mentor and I will always be part of a mastermind group. Some people believe that if they only had more money they could create better results and be well on their way to improving themselves and their business – it is not about the money – it is about making the decision to get the help.  Once you make that decision, it is amazing how opportunities will come into your life. Would love to hear how a mentor or a mastermind group has made an impact on the success of your business.